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France Prešeren primary school is situated at Zlato polje in Kranj. In the year 1998 we celebrate its 30th anniversary.The school was build upon the plans of architect Stanko Kristl and for its outlook, equipment and inner arrangement it was considered the most modern school in Slovenia at that time.In 30 years the school prooved succesful in many fields. Several different activities let every pupil have a chance to get on on the fields of their interests.Pupils can choose among sports, cultural, research, and entertaining activities.They can play volleyball, football, basketball and they can join the mountaineering group.Those who prefer culture and art can create the school magazines, join the dance, drama, art, recitation or creative writing classes or they can read to win the Prešeren reading badge.Pupils can extend and deepen their knowledge in special classes of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English and Traffic.They can also learn Itaian language and have good opportunities to work with computers.And those who prefer more practical work can join the culinary, confectionary or modellig groupWe issue three school magazines: Krik, Hrekov list and Krikec. Krik has regularly been pronounced one of the best Slovene school magazines. Also Hrekov list ('The hamster's paper' in English), issued by the biology group, and Krikec, the magazine for the youngest pupils at our school have been awarded for their quality.We have a great drama group, called Raglje (that would be something like chatterbox in English). They have won several awards for their work included the gold Linhart badge, the award for quality and creativity.All the texts they play are original works written by their menthor and they have been published in a book 'Raglje at the theatre'.At our school there are also good sportists who achieve remarkable results. Every year our pupils succesfully take part in all levels (from school to state) of competitions of Slovene, English, Maths, Logic, Chemistry and Traffic.We're an up-to-date school so we also take part in projects of international cooperation of schools over the world.In 1996 we joined I*EARN taking parts in projects 'Relationships' and 'Tree in my life'. Pupils of all grades can take part in these projects. Last year our youngest pupils demonstrated their parking_sola.gif (28678 bytes)results at Internet fair in Ljubljana.This year we participated in 4 projects: Medicinal herbs, Teddy Bear, Christmas tradition and customs and we started the Slovene project about Teddy Bear where pupils and Teddy Bear read books together.We also got a new computer classroom this year. What we, pupils, like most is internet, but of course we also use computers for learning, drawing and making new projects. Our school has its own home page on internet.Once a year we open the door of our school to everyone who wants to see what we do here. The visitors are mostly our parents and they can see different exhibitions, join the workshops or have a volleyball match against a team of our teachers.So as you can see, our work is very flexible and we're proud to be pupils of France Prešeren primary school.




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